How it Works

Our assortment consists of both the outlet frames and electrical components, such as a variety of power switches, electricity outlets and sockets for data, telephony, audio and TV. Our design outlet frames are offered with up to five gangs, depending on the series. The frames can be equipped completely by components of your needs. All components and frames that come from the same series are compatible with eachother.

First when combining our design outlet frames with your choice of switches, outlets and sockets you will get complete products.

Our components and buttons are offered in a variety of different materials and colors. By combining our exclusive frames and your own choice of color of buttons/components, you will get unique design switches and sockets that will fit perfectly into the rest of your interior.

Am I allowed to change switches and outlets by myself? We strongly recommend everyone to hire an authorized electrician to change all types of electrical equipments that are more than 12V. However, if you have the knowledge how to replace electrical components yourself you may be allowed to change it by yourself. This may vary depending on the local laws in your country. If you decide to install or replace electrical components from our brand without hiring an electrician it is completely your responsibility not to break any local laws.