Exclusive Light Switches & Wall Outlets

Our assortment consists of modern light switches and wall outlets with frames of exclusive and unique design.
We offer all kinds of switches, such as 1-pole-, cross- and stair switches and also wall outlets for electricity, HDMI, USB, telephone and TV.

Our unique wall outlet frames are created as interior design details that bring luxury to your modern interior. They are made of materials such as Italian marmon, slate, exotic wood, rare metal, leather and glass.
All our frames are offered with 1-5 gangs for you to pick your own choice of switches and outlets depending of your needs.

Below all our switches are represented. Just click on any product you are interested in and you will get to the page offering that switch. From there you can choose a frame between 1-5 gangs. After that you decide the components you would like to use.

All the switches and components are offered in white, cream white, satin, graphite, stainless steal and black.